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Budgeting for the new tax year. Nab stacking coins. Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Budgeting for the New Tax Year

As the new tax year rolls around, it's time for businesses across the UK to reassess their financial plans and prepare for the future. Meaning that now is a crucial time for business owners to get their finances and yearly…

two woman going through their accounts doing double entry bookkeeping

Double-Entry Bookkeeping vs Single-Entry Bookkeeping

Double-Entry Bookkeeping and Single-Entry Bookkeeping. What’s the difference? Both have their merits and drawbacks. And their suitability can vary depending on the size, complexity and specific needs of a business. Here at CPL Accounts, we know that not every SME…

a female artist using her phone to view a small business bookkeeping service

Small Business Bookkeeping: A Time and Money Saver

Here at CPL Accounts, we know that in the world of small businesses, every minute and every penny counts. Small business owners and entrepreneurs often find themselves juggling various roles, from marketing to customer service and bookkeeping. And, quite frankly,…

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